Global and Local Thought Institution


Küyerel Düşünce Enstitüsü

Global and Local Thought Institution


KÜYEREL (Global and Local Thought Association) was founded in December 1995 with the name of “Küyerel Thought Group”. The name was then determined as “KÜYEREL”, by abbreviating the terms “global” and “local” and considering that the principle of “thinking global, acting local and thinking local, acting global” becomes significant  in changing global conditions.

As a thought organization, KÜYEREL aims to generate and develop ideas on social, economic, political, philosophical and cultural matters, share those ideas with the society and contribute accordingly to disseminating the awareness and culture of democracy among the society. KÜYEREL cooperates with relevant people and organizations and organizes intellectual activities where theses and thoughts of people who would make an intellectual contribution to the local and global change.

In order to institutionalize democracy, KÜYEREL aims to:

  • Work for the purpose that universal human rights and legal norms be implemented without any condition
  • Bring new perspectives and solution offers to the changing world, technology and the problems they cause
  • Confront its history and provide contribution to the institutionalization of democracy and democracy culture
  • Provide space for democratic ideas, people and institutions
  • Contribute to the mental transformation from an authoritative democracy to a negotiant democracy where all institutions and rules work efficiently. 

KÜYEREL published 16 books (under Küyerel Publications) mainly on philosophy in 1995-2000. 65 conferences and symposiums were organized between 1995-2015 on various subject matters. These studies were carried out with the support and partnership of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Roza Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS), Open Society Foundation, National Democratic Institute (NDI), Bilgi University, Social Demoracy Foundation (SODEV), Economic, Social and Political Research Foundation of Turkey (TÜSES).

Institutionalization became inevitable for the studies carried out under KÜYEREL to gain more depth, to extend its scope and to improve efficiency. “Global and Local Thought Association” (KÜYEREL) was founded in May 2010 in order to meet those needs.

 Thought Activies of “Kuyerel Group of Thought”, conducted between 1995 and 1997

 “Kuyerel Group of Thought” organized six panels as “intellectual acitivities”,  between 10 February 1996-18 May 1996.

The titles and participators of the organized panel are as follows:  

1-“World and Turkey: Globalization and Alteration” Mehmet Altan / Erol Katircioglu / Tarik Demirkan.

2- “Globalization and Ideological, Political Movements of Thought” Etyen Mahcupyan / Ali Bayramoglu / Halil  Berktay.

3-” Social Theories, Ideologies, Political Sciences, and Today” Ahmet Insel/ Zulfu Dicleli/ Nurettin Elhuseyni

4-“Enlightenment in History and Today” Iskender Savasir / Nevval Sevindi / Celal A. Kanat.

5-Modernity-Postmodernity; Modernism-Postmodernism Ali Akay / Ferhat Kentel.

6-.”What kind of a Democracy?” Tarık Ziya Ekinci/Fatmagul Berktay / Davut Dursun / Nabi Yagci.

 PANEL:  “Multiculturalism and Democracy”

27 June 1998, Istanbul


Tarık Ziya Ekinci, TIP parlamentarian, writer

Assc. Prof. Gunay Goksu Ozdogan, Lecturer in Mersin University

Abdurrahman Aslan,  Researcher-writer

 Ergin Cinmen, Lawyer 

Broadcasting Activities:

“Kuyerel Publications” is founded, and the books below are published between January 1997-February 2000.

Books Published

1-Kuyerel Series of Panels, Editor: Suleyman Talay

2- The Problem of Kurds in Terms of Citizenship and a Solution Offer” / Tarık Ziya Ekinci.

3-Meta Ideology – On the Information Science of Ideology / Celal A Kanat.

4-Information and Human Concerns / Jurgen Habermas, translation Celal A.Kanat.

5- Sceneries of Philosophy from Turkey (1-2) Omer Naci Soykan.

6-Pursutis (1) / Omer Naci Soykan.

7-Information and Portrayal- On Positivism and Ernst MachBilgi Ve Betimlere- translation, Omer Naci Soykan.

8-Philosophical Investigations / Ludwig Wittgenstein, translation, Deniz Kanıt.

9- Democracy, Multiculturalism / And a Judicial Adventure Tarık Ziya Ekinci.

10-TKP and Comintern Relations during the early years of Republic-The Story of the Unknown with Documents, Bilal Sen.

11-Articles of Philosophy – The meaning, formation and resources of Information / Vehbi Hacıkadiroglu.

 12-Science and Sociology inMax Weber / Dogan Ozlem. 

ACTIVITIES OF KUYEREL PLATFORM OF THOUGHT, the web site founded under the name of “Kuyerel Platform of Thought” , and the mail group  have started to be published online in October, 2005. Participation is provided from facebook ( and twitter (, and the activities are shared with public.

 INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITIES : Panels, conferences

 Kuyerel  2008-2009  Intellectual Activies

1-A Story of Restoration 'Akhtamar Church”  (23 February 2008)

Zakarya Mildanoglu, Architect-Writer ( organized with contributions from Bilgi University)

2-How Can the Turkish Left be an Option for Governing Turkey ?

(2 Kasım 2008  )

 Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman / Lecturer in Koc University  

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

3- “New Social Movements and The Left “  (10 January 2009  )  

Assc. Prof. Ferhat  Kentel / Lecturer in Bilgi University

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

4-“ New Pursuits in the Left (15 February 2009)

Prof. Dr. Burhan Senetalar / Lecturer in Bilgi University, speaker of “10 December Movement”.

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

5-“Change in Turkish Economy and the Left” ( 14 March  2009 )

Prof. Dr. Erol Katircioglu / Lecturer in Bilgi University 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

6-“ New Paradigms of Politics after the Global Downfall and Kemalism”

 (19 April 2009)

Zulfu Dicleli / Former director of TKP, TBKP and YDH, Writer-publisher

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

7-“The Changing Dynamics and New Pursuits in the Left after the crisis of 2008” ( 24  May 2009)

Dr. Cemil Ertem / Lecturer in Istanbul University    

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

8- "New Pursuits in the Left "

Nabi Yagci / Last secretary general of TKP, TBKP ( 7 June 2009 )

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.


Küyerel  2009-2010  Intellectual Activities :

“New Politics in the Changing World and in Changing Turkey, and What Kind of a Left?”


9-“The Left and Islam -  Islamic Left”  (Left- Theology) ( 14 November 2009 )

Burhan Sonmez / Researcher writer. 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

10- “Modernity and The Left”  (12  December  2009)

 Assc.Prof. Besim Dellaloglu / Lecturer in Galatasaray University  

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

11-"The Aleternative to the Left in 21st Century: An Alternative Left” (9 January  2010 )

Assc. Prof. Zeynep Gambetti / Lecturer in Bogazici University  

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

12- “CTP’s (TRNC) Experience of its Period of Change, Renewal and Government” (6 February 2010)

 Ferdi Sabit Soyer / CTP Chairman and former Prime Minister of TRNC. 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

13-"Globalising Capitalism, Changing Labour, Diversifying Problems and the Left” (27 March  2010)

Prof. Dr. Meryem Koray / Lecturer in Yıldız University

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

14 -" New Syndicate Approaches in the Era of Globalizing Economy, Information and Technology " (17 April 2010)

Mustafa Pacal / Hak-Is Confederation Assistant Secretary General 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

15- “The Left and Islam -  Islamic Left” 24 April 2010, Istanbul

Esat Korkmaz / Researcher of Alawite culture and sufism. 

Metin Bobaroglu / Founder and director of Anatolian Enlightenment Foundation

16-“German Experience of Left Party”  (29 May  2010)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

Kadriye Karci / Berlin State Parliament, Left Party Parliamentarian

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır. 


Kuyerel  2010- 2011  Intellectual Activities 

17-  “New Constitution of Democratizing Turkey”  6 November 2010, Istanbul

1st PANEL:  “The Essence/Philosophy of the Constitution”

Moderator: Assc.Prof. Osman Can, Lecturer in Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Spokesmen:    Prof. Dr. Ali Yasar Saribay, Lecturer in Uludag University

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Hatemi, Lecturer in Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Doç. Dr. Oyku Didem Aydin,  Lecturer in Hacettepe University Faculty of Law

2nd  PANEL: “The Method of Issuing a Constitution”

Moderator: Assc.Prof. Yucel Sayman, Lecturer in Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Law


Prof. Dr. Zafer Uskul, Chairman TGNA Commission of Human Rights

Assc. Prof. Bekir Berat Ozipek, Assc.Prof., Lecturer in Lecturer in Istanbul Commerce University

Assistant Prof. Nur Ulusahin, Lecturer in Baskent University Faculty of Law

(organized with contributions from Heinrich Böll Stiftung Institution Representation of Turkey)

18  “Current Problems of Democracy and Constitutional Amendment” 
5 June 2010,   KOCAELI

Nabi Yagci/ Writer

Hilal Kaplan /Writer

 Roni Margulies/ Journalist-Writer

Moderator: Necati Kur

19- “The New Constitution of Democratising Turkey and Freedoms”11 December 2010, Duzce

Assc.Prof. Huseyin Celik, Ak Party General Vice President

 Nabi Yagci,  Writer in Taraf Newspaper

Hilal Kaplan, Writer in Taraf Newspaper 

Kuyerel  2011-2012  Intellectual Activities (Conferences)

(Organized with contributions from Acik Toplum Foundation)

20 - “New Way of Socialism?” (12 February 2011)

Huseyin  Ergun, SODEP Chairman

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

21- “Endings and Beginnings” (24 April 2011 )

Cemil Ertem, Writer,

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

22- Armenian Press History and Periodicals  (30 April 2011)

Zakarya Mildanoglu, Architecht-Writer,“

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

23- “What’s Happening in Midde East?” (7 May 2011 )

Soli Ozel, Journalist-Writer

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

24- Passive Revolution- The Union of Islamic Opposition with the Order

Assc. Prof. Cihan Tugal / Clark Universty

Moderator: Nabi Yagci, (21 May 2011 )

25- Conquest of Kurdistan and Bedirhan, the Master of Cizre-Bohtan ( 4 June 2011)

Ahmet Kardam, Writer, The

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

26- Liberalization and Believing (11 June 2011)

Assc.Prof. Aliye Cinar 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

27-On the Way to a New Constitution: Constitutional Experiences from Germany, Spain, South Africa and Poland” ( 15th September 2011, Istanbul)

Organized by:

Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung Association Turkey (FES)

Global and Local Thought Association (KÜYEREL)

Social Democracy Foundation (SODEV)

Turkish Foundation of Social, Financial and Political Researches (TÜSES)


1st Session: Experiences from Germany and Spain on Issuing a Constitution

Moderator: Şirin Payzın

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter-Schneider.  Institute of Federalism Research - Chairman

Prof. Dr. Carles Viver, Spain, University of Barcelona

Turkish commentator: Prof. Dr. Mithat Sancar, Ankara University, Faculty of Law, Academic Member

2nd Session:

Experiences from South Africa and Poland on Issuing a Constitution

Moderator: Balçiçek İlter

Albie Sachs, South Africa, Former President of the Constitutional Court

Prof. Miroslaw Wyrzykowski, Poland, Former Member of the Constitutional Court

Commentator from Turkey: Prof. Dr. Turgut Tarhanlı, Bilgi University, Faculty of Law and Liberal Constitution Platform

How Does the Process Operate in Turkey?

Moderator: Dilek Kurban (TESEV - Director)

Closing Speech: Bekir Ağırdır (TÜSES - Board Member)



28-“Local/ Decentralized Government Within the Framework of Administrative Reorganisation in the New Constitution” (With contributions from Roza Luxemburg Foundation) (26th November 2011, İstanbul )

Moderator:    Bekir Ağırdır.


Prof. Dr. Fazıl Hüsnü Erdem / Dicle University, Faculty of Law

Fikret Toksöz /TESEV Good Governance Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Levent Köker / Atılım University, Faculty of Law



29“Teşkilatı Esasiye -1921 Constitution and the New Constitution”

Prof. Dr. Cemil Koçak, Sabancı University, Academic Member (22nd December 2011, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.,



30-“Marxism and Nationalism”

Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay /Sabancı University, Academic Member (14th January 2012, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır. 

31- Nazım Hikmet with his prose: The daily life and the world of feelings and thoughts of a communist in 1930s

Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay / Sabancı University Academic Member (28th January 2012, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

32-“The Logic of Change Dynamics” (with contributions from Heinrich Boll Stiftung Turkey)  

 Nabi Yağcı / Author (11th February 2012, Istanbul)

 Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

33-“Democracy and Symphony” 

Cem Mansur / Musician (25th February 2012, Istanbul) 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

34-“Thoughts on the new struggle phase for a fair society” (With contributions from Heinrich Boll Stiftung Turkey) 

Zülfü Dicleli / Author, publisher (24th March, 2012)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

35- We, On the Way to a New Constitution (Organized by FES, KÜYEREL, SODEV, TÜSES) (31st March 2012, Istanbul) 

1st Session:

Moderator: Bekir Ağırdır.


Yasemin Öz (Amargi Women Academy)

 Mehmet Tarhan (Social Politics, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Foundation)

Ali Rıza Keleş (Alternative Informatics Association)

Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat (HAYTAP Animal Rights Federation)

Murat Demirok (Six Points Association of the Blind)

 2nd Session:

Moderator: Belma Akcura.

Rober Koptaş (Agos Daily- Chief Editor)

Hasan Alper Tanyel (Association of the Refugees)

Abdullah Cıstır (Association of Romany in Izmir)

Emrah Kırımsoy (Gündem Çocuk- Association of Children Rights)

36-“The Last Crisis of Capitalism” (21st April 2012, Istanbul)
Cemil Ertem / 
New dynamics of capitalism after crisis and alternative system options

 Mustafa Paçal / New Left Wing after Crisis, New Perspectives of Union

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

37- The New Left Wing: OK, But How? (With contributions from Heinrich Boll Stiftung Turkey) 

Ferdan Ergut / EDP Chairman. (29th April 2012, Istanbul)

 Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

38- “Internet, Social Media, Global Network and Their Effects on New Social Movements” (with contributions from Heinrich Boll Stiftung Turkey) (12th May 2012, Istanbul)   

Moderator: Tamer Altunay

"The Relation between Social Media and Democracy”, Ass. Prof. Dr. Günseli Bayraktutan/ Başkent University, Faculty of Communication, Academic Member

"Capabilities and Limits of Social Media for Social Movements”, Ass.Prof. Gülüm Şener / Arel University, Academic Member

"Pincer of Government and Monopoly Threatening the Internet” Ali Rıza Keleş / Alternative Informatics Association

39. GOD and PHILOSOPHY: THEIST PERSPECTIVE “The Basis of Belief in God”

 (With contributions from Heinrich Boll Stiftung Turkey)  (19th May 2012, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aydın Topaloğlu / Istanbul 29 Mayıs University, Academic Member


Küyerel Conferences in 2013


40- “Society, Identity and the Individual: Perspective of Social Sciences in Turkey and in the West” (19th January 2013,

 Prof. Dr. Samim Akgönül/ Université de Strasbourg, Academic Member. Istanbul

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

41- The Meaning of Politics Today and Civil Society” (With contributions from FES)

Prof. Dr. Fatmagül Berktay/ Istanbul University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Academic Member  (23rd March 2013, Istanbul)  

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

42-  “Studies at CERN and their effects on practical and intellectual world”

Prof. Dr. Cemsinan Deliduman/ Mimarsinan University, Academic Member (6th April 2013, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

43- “Education, Educational System and Modernisation from Ottomans to the Republic” (with contributions from FES)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akşin Somel, Sabancı University History Department, Academic Member (20th April 2013, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

44- "Armenians between the pincer of existence and absence: Tracing Genocide in Emval-i Metruke Laws” (With contributions from FES)

Assoc. Dr. Ümit Kurt/ Clark University, Academic Member. (18th May 2013, Istanbul )

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

45- European Union: But How? Social Democrat/ Left Wing Perspective (31st May- 1st June 2013, İstanbul) ( Organized by Bilgi University, FES, KÜYEREL, SODEV, TÜSES)


Presentation: Dr. Nils Schmid/ Baden Württemberg State Vice President and Social Democrat Party Chairman

Moderator: Aydın Cıngı. 


Dr. Ernst Hillebrand /Germany

Dr. Glenn Gottfried/ England

Prof. Dr. Zoltan Pogasta /Hungary

Prof. Dr. Anna Triandafyllidou  /Greece

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya / Turkey

WORKSHOP STUDIES (31st May 2013, Istanbul)

1st Workshop: Europe On the Side of Pluralism and Human Rights

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esra Arsan.

2nd Workshop: Social and Solidarist Europe

Moderator: Bekir Ağırdır.

Sharing the Workshop Results and Forum discussions (1st June 2013, Istanbul)

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.


Bekir Ağırdır / Esra Arsan.

46- Good examples of participatory municipal management
Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation,  SODEV, SODEM, KÜYEREL andTÜSES  

September 27th 2013, İstanbul (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

-İdris Lütfü Melek/ Çamlıhemşin Mayor

-Yılmaz Topaloğlu/ Hopa, former Mayor

-İkbal Polat/ Bursa Nilüfer Municipality

-Bülent Kösmen/ Seferihisar Municipality

Moderator: Onur Eryüce 
47- “A New Election System, Discussions and Suggestions for a Democratic Turkey"

November 16th 2013, İstanbul  (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation,  SODEV, KÜYEREL andTÜSES 

First session

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zeh /  Germany, former Bundertag Secretary General

Moderator: Mihael Meier /  Friedrich Ebert  Stiftung Representative of Turkey

Second session

Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Gürsel/ Bahçeşehir University

Meral Danış Beştaş / BDP - Deputy Co-President Responsible for Law and Human Rights

Adil Gür / A&G Research

Assistant Prof. Dr. Burak Cop / İstanbul Kültür University

Moderatör: Ercan Karakaş, CHP Parliament Member


2013 (Fall) - 2014 Panels and Conferences


48-“Turkish Public İştirakiyun Division and the Parallel Demolishment of Turkish Communist Party”

January 25th 2014, İstanbul
Emel Akal / Researcher and Writer
Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır.

49-“Modernization and Authoritarianization"

March 1st 2014, İstanbul
Prof. Dr. Besim Dellaloğlu / Sakarya University Academic Member

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır. 

50- “What Happened to Antep Armenians and to Their Goods? The Rise of a New Rich Class in Antep (1915-1922)”  

May 10th 2014, İstanbul  (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)
Ümit Kurt/ Clak University Academic Member

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır. 

51-“The Influence of Presidential Election on Parliamentary System"

Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, KÜYEREL and TÜSES  (May 30th, 2014)

1st Session:

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu / Marmara University Academic Member
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdoğan/ Kadir Has University Academic Member
 Prof. Dr. Sibel İnceoğlu  /Bilgi University Academic Member
 Moderator : Mehmet Durakoğlu
2nd Session:

İdris Şahin (AKP Deputy)
Atilla Kart (CHP Deputy)
Faruk Bal (MHP Deputy) 
Bengi Yıldız (HDP Deputy)

Moderator: Etem Cankurtaran 

52- “A Government Alternative for a Different Turkey"

November 29th 2014, İstanbul (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Gülseren Onanç / CHP Parliament Member,

Erol Katırcıoğlu / HDP Parliament Member,

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır


2015  (January-June) Panels and Conferences


53-“Is Another Turkey Possible?"

January 24th 2015, İstanbul (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Ahmet Ümit /Writer

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır  

54-  “Economy Alternative for Another Turkey"

February 28th 2015, İstanbul (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, KÜYEREL-SODEV-TÜSES

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Selin Sayek Böke / CHP Parliament Member

Moderator: Meliha Okur/ Journalist

55-  Talking with Terrorists: Where are we in the resolution process?

April 2nd 2015, İstanbul  (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Jonathan Powell / Consultant of Tony Blair regarding the North Ireland issue

Cengiz Çandar / Journalist

Moderator: Sefi Öngider / Editor

56- “ What kind of a Turkey We Want? Presidency, Semi-Presidency and Parliamentary System"

April 4th 2015, İstanbul (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, KÜYEREL-SODEV-TÜSES 

Prof.Dr. Levent Köker / Atılım University Academic Member

 Prof. Dr. Oktay Uygun / Maltepe University Academic Member

Moderatorr: Adil Demirci / Lawyer

57- ““ What kind of a Turkey We Want? Who, What and Why Do We Choose?

May 2nd 2015, İstanbul (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, KÜYEREL SODEV-TÜSES 

Prof. Dr. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu / Sabancı University Academic Member

Bekir Ağırdır / KONDA General Manager

Moderator: Mehmet Ural  

58- "How Did They Win, Why Did They Lose: The Reflections of Election Results on the Political World"

June 10th 2015 (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Organizing Institutions: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, KÜYEREL  SODEV and TÜSES 

Vural Çakır / IPSOS Chairman

Necati Özkan / European Association of Political Advisors - Chairman

Mehveş Evin / Journalist

Moderator / Prof.Dr. Ahmet İnsel /  Galatasaray University Academic Member

59- "Global Justice and Human Rights"

August 30th 2015, İstanbul  (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge/ Yale University Academic Member

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşen Candaş/ Boğaziçi University Academic Member

60- June 7th- November 1st: Who Won, Who Lost?

November 4th 2015, İstanbul  (with the contribution of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey)

Prof. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu / Sabancı University Academic Member

Moderator: Prof. Burhan Şenatalar/ Bilgi University Academic Member

Bekir Ağırdır/ KONDA General Manager

  58"Nasıl Kazandılar, Niçin Kaybettiler? " Seçim sonuçlarının siyasal yaşama yansımaları” 10 Haziran 2015 (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)  Düzenleyenler: Friedrich Ebert Vakfı, KÜYEREL  SODEV ve TÜSES 


Vural Çakır / İPSOS Başkanı

Necati Özkan / Avrupa Siyasi Danışmanlar Derneği Başkanı

Mehveş Evin / Gazeteci

Moderatör : Prof.Dr. Ahmet İnsel /  Galatasaray Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi. 

59- "Küresel Adalet ve İnsan Hakları" 30 Ağustos 2015, İstanbul  (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge/ Yale Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi

Moderatör: Doç. Dr. Ayşen Candaş/ Boğaziçi Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi. 

60- 7 Haziran- 1 Kasım Kim Kazandı? Kim Kaybetti? 4 Kasım 2015, İstanbul  (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Prof. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu / Sabancı Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi.

Bekir Ağırdır/ KONDA Genel Müdürü

Moderatör: Prof. Burhan Şenatalar/ Bilgi Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi.


Küyerel 2016 Konferansları


61 ,GÜNÜMÜZDE OTORİTERİZM“Otorite Krizi Çağında Meşru Bir Otorite Figürü Mümkün müdür?” (27 Şubat 2016, İstanbul (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla) 

Yrd. Doç. M. Ertan Kardeş / İst. Üniv. Felsefe Bölümü öğretim üyesi

Moderatör: Hüseyin Çakır

62- Kayıp Denge Sevimsiz Tercih“ Daha Çok Güvenlik Daha Az Özgürlük” 2 Nisan 2016, İstanbul (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Prof. Dr. Gülay Günlük Şenesen / İstanbul Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi öğretim üyesi

Doç. Dr. Hikmet Kırık / İstanbul Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi öğretim üyesi

Moderatör: Hüseyin Çakır

63-“ Küresel ve Yerel Terör ve Terörizm” 30 Nisan 2016, İstanbul (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

65-Prof. Dr. Bülent Aras / Sabancı Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi 27 Şubat 2016  İstanbul
Moderatör. Hüseyin Çakır

66- AİHM KARARI ve Türkiye’de İnanç Özgürlükleri 8 Mayıs 2016, Pazar

Rıza Türmen / AİHM Eski Yargıcı

Prof. Dr. Necdet Basa /  Türkiye Barolar Birliği Başdanışmanı

Namık Sofuoğlu / Avukat

Moderatör: Doğan Bermek

67-Barış Süreci Deneyimi Ve Nereden Başlanmalı 26 Kasım 2016 (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)


Prof. Dr. Bilal Sambur / Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi

Berrin Sönmez / Feminist Aktivist-Yazar

Dr. Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu /Akademisyen- Yazar

Moderatör: Hüseyin Çakır

68-Yeni Anayasa ve Yeni Sistem Arayışı 19 Kasım 2016 (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Prof. Dr. Osman Can / Marmara Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Nur Uluşahin / Başkent Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi

Moderatör:  Ergin Cinmen


2017 Yılı Konferansları


1-“Cumhurbaşkanlığı  Sistemi  ve Anayasa Değişikliği Ne Getiriyor Ne Götürüyor?”   (Tarih: 28 Ocak 2017) (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Prof. Dr. Tanju Tosun / Eğe Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi

Prof. Dr. Levent Korkut / Medipol Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi 

Moderatör: Hüseyin Çakır

2- Türkiye Rusya İlişkilerinin Bu Günü ve Geleceği  (11 Şubat 2017) (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Cenk Başlamış:  Gazeteci/ Yazar

Moderatör: Hüseyin Çakır 

3-Türkiye’nin Demokratikleşme Hikâyesi REJİM ve SİSTEM SORUNU (Tarih:  25 Mart 2017, Cumartesi) (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)
Prof. Dr. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu/ Sabancı Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi

Ümit Aktaş / Araştırmacı- Yazar

Moderatör: Av. Bahri Belen 

4- Türkiye’nin Ortadoğu İlişkilerinin Bugünü ve Geleceği ( 15 Nisan 2017) (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Aydın Selcen / Türkiye’nin Erbil eski Başkonsolosu

Moderatör: Mustafa Paçal

5- Referandum Sonrası Türkiye: Şimdi Ne Olacak? (Tarih: 22 Nisan 2017) (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

Konuşmacılar: ( Paydaşlarla)

Bekir Ağırdır

Prof. Dr. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu

Morderatör: Prof. Dr. Ayşen Candaş

6- Küreselleşme ve Dördüncü Sanayi Devrimi  (1) ( 29 Nisan 2017 ) (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği katkılarıyla)

 Bahadır Kaleağası/  TÜSİAD  Genel Sekreteri

 Bekir Ağırdır/  TESEV Başkan Yardımcısı

 Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman / İstanbul Politikalar Merkezi

Moderatör: Osman Ulagay/ Gazeteci-Yazar

H. Böll ile 2017 Konferansları 

1- Kent ve Dönüşüm (İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi ve BEM Kulübü,  Küyerel Düşünce Enstitüsü ve Heinrich Böll Vakfı)  23.Şubat 2017


Yrd. Doç.Dr. Emrah Altınok - İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi

Dr. Gaye Yılmaz - Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi

Av. Can Atalay - Sosyal Haklar Derneği

Mücella Yapıcı - Mimarlar Odası ÇED Danışma Kurulu Sekreteri
Doç. Dr. Gül Köksal
 - Mimar, Koruma Uzmanı, Kocaeli Dayanışma Akademisi- Haliç Dayanışması  

2-Anayasal ve Siyasal  Sosyal Olarak​  Yurttaşlık, Laiklik ve Kimlikler   (4 Mart 2017)

     Prof. Dr. Yücel Sayman / Medipol Üniversites öğretim üyesi

     Prof. Dr. Ferhat Kentel/ Şehir Üniversitesi

     Moderatör:  Av. Hülya Gülbahar

  -  Cumhuriyet Tarihinin Bilinmeyen Gerçekleri (11 Mart 2015)

     Prof. Dr. Ahmet Demirel / Marmara Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi.

     Moderatör : Hüseyin Çakır


3- AB Türkiye ilişkileri Uluslararası Konferans (22 Eylül 2017)

Düzenleyici kurumlar: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Avrupa Birliği Enstitüsü, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Türkiye Temsilciliği, KÜYEREL Düşünce Enstitüsü, Türkiye Sosyal Ekonomik Siyasi Araştırmalar Vakfı (TÜSES),Sosyal Demokrasi Vakfı (SODEV) ve  Bilim Akademisi Vakfı


Professor Dr. Şevket Pamuk (Boğaziçi University), Prof. Dr. Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University), Assoc. Dr. Lars Nilsson (European Union Commission), Prof. Dr. İlter Turan (Istanbul Bilgi University), Prof.Dr. Dr. Ayhan Kaya (Istanbul Bilgi University), Assoc. Dr. Nicolas Monceau (University of Bordeaux), Prof. Dr. Gencer Özcan (Istanbul Bilgi University), Assoc. Dr. Murat Somer (Koç University) and Assoc. Dr. Raffaele Marchetti
4- Intervention Experiences on "Processes" in Winning Freedom (November 18, 2017)


Ayhan Bilgen / Former President of Mazlum-Der - MP from HDP

Fatma Bostan Ünsal / AKP founder Muş Alparslan University exported with KHK

Iştar Gözaydın / Gediz University exported with KHK

Nabi Yağcı / Secretary General of Historical TKP and TBKP

Moderator: Av. Ergin Cinmen

2018 Annual Conferences

1- CONFLICT RESOLUTION EXPERIENCE: Possibilities - Impossibilities ( 24 February 2018)


Professor Dr. Fuat Keyman / Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center

Professor Dr. Mithat Sancar / HDP deputy

Hüseyin Oruç / Vice President of IHH

 Moderator: Hakan Tahmaz / President of Peace Foundation

2- Crisis of Globalization and New Nationalisms ( 24 March 2018)
Professor Dr. Haldun Gülalp
Moderator: Huseyin Cakir

3- Rising Right Populism in Europe:A Comparative Analysis (April 14, 2018) 


Professor: Ayhan Kaya / Bilgi University faculty member 

Moderator: Hüseyin Çakır 



Adres: Abide-i Hürriyet Cad, No Hasat Sokak, Hasat İş merkezi N0 2 Kat 4 Şişli 34349 İstanbul